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 Muhammad Ahsan Saleem

An Optimistic Person
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  1. Childhood.
  2. Journey to High School
  3. The Life-changing phase –Intermediate
  4. University Life
  5. My Hobbies


Howdy! Welcome to the world of Muhammad Ahsan Saleem. A cricket lover, who uses his mind in coding, love to watch movies, always ready for traveling!

In this blog, you will come to know the about some major aspects of Muhammad Ahsan Saleem life!



“Among all the things I have lost, I miss my self the most :’) “


Muhammad Ahsan Saleem was first cried on 28 February 1995. It was the first and last time when I was crying and my parents were smiling. From that day till now I’m listening just one thing, ”Suppose if you were born on 29 then you have to wait for four years to celebrate birthday”. I’m the last child of my parents. My Mother called me Muhammad Ahsan Saleem for the very first time. Till 3 I had no idea what’s going on in my love! But the most hated day, my first day of school (probably of everyone)  because my Mother left me in the class alone, from that day till now I’m just changing classrooms and making new friends.L like many other children, I hate my school life.

Journey to High School

I started my school life from a famous private school in my hometown “City Public School”. Till 5th grade, I used to bunk my school twice in a week. But those bunks were not easy, on every bunk Mini World War happened between me and my father. I was the winner every time. After 5th grade, I used to attend my school daily. I was not an intelligent student but used to do hard work. I made my parents proud for the very first time when I got the news of” Congratulations Muhammad Ahsan Saleem, you got highest marks in 8th standard in Tehsil”. But good days never last forever! I couldn’t perform well in my matriculation exams. The reason was that I had a very high fever in my 9th standard exams. And I couldn’t make a comeback!


The Life-changing phase –Intermediate

I started my Fsc with a dream, with an aim and from the very first day of my college I worked hard just to enable myself towards my dream, ‘NUST’. I was very passionate about cars etc. and I wanted to become a mechanical engineer and wanted to design cars. B after my bad grades in matric many people said,” You cannot do it. Fsc is very difficult, you can’t even pass Chemistry”.

That day I decided to prove them wrong and I did it. I got an overall 3rd position in my college and no one had more marks than me In Chemistry. I was the topper of chemistry in my college.

But Who knows what I am going to get at the very utmost moment, as life is unpredictable.

University Life

I was not happy
And I’m not happy 

June 20, proved itself one of the darkest days of my life. How it was here being the reason.

 On that day I was rejected from NUST. My dream was shattered, aims were coming down to earth. OMG!!! I couldn’t make it possible to NUST!
Right after two months, another Nightmare hugged me.
This time I saw myself rejecting from UET too. I couldn’t make it to UET’s Mechanical class of 13 L.
I was not at home when I heard this news. I started crying at the roadside and after that cried a lot at that night of rejection. I couldn’t sleep for a couple of days. Only ALLAH knew my condition of that time.
Once again,
After few days from the rejection of UET I had a test for PU. I went to the test center with tears of hope in my eyes.
I had no options left except for securing good marks in the test. During the test, I was thinking about one thing.
If I couldn’t make it this time then I could never proceed it further.
But, who knows what I am going to get…
By the grace of Allah, I got good marks in test and secured admission in PU.


What a day it was. For the first time, I hugged my father with so much excitement! At least I didn’t disappoint them again!

So, from NUST to PU, was not easy.
The only lesson I have learned from this journey is, how to keep faith in ALMIGHTY ALLAH.
I compromised a lot! I thought my life would get easier as compared to previous 5-6 months but who knows what fate already planned for me.
The chapter of bad luck is not ended here! I got very bad grades in the very first semester. This time I totally ruptured from inside. From A+ to direct C+. It’s too hard to bear. At that time, I cried once again in university ground. How will I face my parents? How will I face my friends? too many questions to ask but my mind was answerless…!
My fellows started making fun of me. I can’t put my feeling on the paper / on the page. At that moment, I was left with two choices:
-Quit my university life here and start a new journey with new aims.
– Or Continue it and show others how to come out from such misshapes.

I go for the second option!
I started my life with an aim and this is what I am confident about. Alhamdulillah, my decision was right. I got more confidence after getting bad grades. I wanted to change the things and this time I did it with good grades. The only things I had with me and will always be with me are my Parents prayers and my belief and faith in Almighty ALLAH. Allah gave me too much confidence. Honestly saying, I cried in my prayers and Allah heard my voice! Allah helped me A lot. I just want to say that you just have to put yourself in front of Almighty Allah for help and ask your parents to pray for you.
Instead of begging in front of others, beg in front of Allah as❤ HE is the best of Listeners! ❤
I did not put myself in a condition where I looked for sympathies and empathies.
I did not wait for miracles to happen, instead, I worked hard and make my dreams come true.
Now I’m about to graduate. When I came here I was not happy but now I want to stay here for further studies. I think that F polished me and my abilities in a way where I am not afraid of losing anymore. I learned how to learn from mistakes. Now I must say I love my time at PU..

I wasn’t happy when I came here.
And I’m not happy because I’m going now…!

My Hobbies

Let’s move on my favorite part of this article. ”Hobbies”. I don’t know where to start and where to end. I have countless hobbies.B ut my favorite one is Cricket. Love to watch the batting of Kallis. From school to university I play cricket regularly. I remained captain of my school team. We used to play cricket daily after school. We had friendly fixtures against other teams on Sunday. Due to my captaincy experience, I’m used to taking risks, love to do new things. Till high school, my aim was to become a cricketer but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it true. In the university, I started to play football and we won twice our department tournament.  Besides these, I love to watch tennis, Biggest Fan of Roger Federer. Except for sports I watch movies especially action. Read novels, always in search of a good book too.