Ronaldo and Messi Records -part 2

Ronaldo and Messi Records 3
Ronaldo and Messi Records
November 4, 2018
Rafael Nadal in 2018- Featured photo
Rafael Nadal in 2018
November 6, 2018

Ronaldo and Messi Records -part 2

Ronaldo and messi records 2

Ronaldo And Messi Records-part 2

In the previous article of Ronaldo and Messi records, we ended it after showing you their World Records. In this part of Ronaldo And Messi Records, we will cover the following

  • European Records
    Spanish RecordsFirst of all, we will resume our Ronaldo and Messi Records with their European Records.

Ronaldo’s European Records

Ronaldo and messi records 1

  • He is the only player to score in all group stages matches in a single UEFA Champions League
    Scored thrice 15+ goals in a single UCL season. (2013 15 17).
    Most number of Champions league top goalscorer awards 7 times.
    Most number of UEFA best player awards 3 times.
    First and only player to score most goals in UCL 6 consecutive times.
    Most number of goals against an opponent in Champions League 10 goals. “Juventus “
    Most goals in quarter-final stage of UCL 20 goals
    Most goals in European Top 5 leagues 402.
    Only player to score back to back hat tricks in knockout matches of UCL.
    One is against Bayern Munich and other is against Atletico Madrid
    The first player to score 40 and 50 goals in UCL
    First ever player to achieve the milestone of 100 UCL goals.
    First ever player to achieve the milestone of scoring 30+ goals in 6 consecutive seasons in a European league.
    Most hat tricks record in UCL in a single season 3 hat tricks (2015-16).
    Most number of Free kicks in UCL 12 goals.
    Most number of braces in UCL history 29 times.
    Only player to score 10 goals in seven seasons
    Holds the record of scoring in 11 consecutive UCL games.
    Most number of UCL Penalties 15 goals
    Most number of goals in a single season 17 goals
    Fastest to score 200 and 250 goals in European leagues.

Messi’s European Records

Messi Records

  • Most number of European Golden shoe 5
    Fastest to score 100 UCL goals, did it in 123 matches
    Most number of goals for a single club in European top 5 Leagues .390(Barcelona)
    Most number of goals in Europe top 5 leagues 564
    Fastest player to achieve the record of 300 goals in European Leagues
    Youngest to appear in 100 UCL games.
    Youngest player to score 400 goals for a single club.
    Most league goals scored by single player 50 goals
    Most club goals scored by player 79 goals.
    Most Hat-tricks in UCL 8.
    Highest goals in UEFA Super Cup 3 goals.
    Most Free Kicks Goals in UEFA Super cup by a player. 2 Goals
    First ever player to score 5 goals in a single UCL match.


Now in our special edition of Ronaldo And Messi Records, we are moving into our last category. Ronaldo and Messi records in Spanish league records.

Ronaldo’s LaLiga Records

Messi Laliga Records

Most number of penalties scored by player 62 goals. Most numbers of penalties missed 11.
The first player to score 25+ in five consecutive LaLiga seasons, shared with Messi
The first player to score 30+ in five consecutive LaLiga seasons.
The first player to score 30+ in six consecutive LaLiga seasons.
Most Hat Tricks in Spanish Football history 37 Hat tricks.
Only player in League to score 2+ hat tricks in 8 consecutive seasons.
Most goals in 3 consecutive LaLiga matches.
Most hat tricks in LaLiga 34.
Most hat tricks in a single LaLiga Season 8.
The only individual to win three LFP awards in a single season. Best Goal, Best Forward, BestPlayer.

Messi’s LaLiga Records

Most goals for Barcelona 595 goals.
Most number of Free kicks goals in LaLiga.
Barcelona’s top goal scorer in LaLiga 390 goals, in UCL 108 goals.
Most hat-tricks for Barcelona 42 hat tricks.
Most hat-tricks for Barcelona in LaLiga 30 hat tricks.
Most UCL Trophies for Barcelona 4 (shared with Xavi, Iniesta).
Barcelona top scorer for 4 seasons.
Most hat-tricks for Barcelona in a single season 8 hat tricks.
Most goals for Barcelona in a single UCL 14.
Only Player to score in 6 different competition for Barcelona.
The first player to win 2,3,4 and 5 Golden shoes.


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