Vinicius junior – A better Replacement or not?

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Vinicius junior – A better Replacement or not?


Sports World : In this article we’ll discuss about the arrival of Vinicius  Junior at Real Madrid.

With the arrival of Bale in Real Madrid in 2014 BBC was formed but the poor form of Benzema in front of goal and Bale being injury prone, the entire burden of the attack and goal scoring was put on the shoulders of Cristiano Ronaldo where he played most important role in champions league campaign of Real Madrid thereby leading to four champions league titles in five years. But the shock move of Ronaldo to Juventus which despite the rumors, nobody believed until it actually happened. Now Real Madrid despite having all the quality lacks a reliable goal scorer which going to be huge problem for Real Madrid because no striker is bought.


Vinicius junior was bought by Real Madrid from Flamengo on 23rd May 2017. He caught the eye of the Real Madrid camp when he appeared at 39th place on “The Telegraph” list of best under 21 players.



The statistics of the player for Flamengo are given below.

Vinicius -stats


The statistics are almost average but there are no doubts over the speed and dribbling skills of the player. Even in the pre-season friendlies he was tested with bale and Benzema up front where he showed his potential. He also initiated many counter attacks from the right wings which was Ronaldo’s position and his playing style, pace and dribbling skills are impressive and he can play the role which Ronaldo used to play till 2016 where afterwards he changed his playing style.

There are no doubts over his skills, but the main thing is how he plays under pressure in the knock stages or even in La Liga because there are few players in the world who can step up when their team needs them the most. According to analysis of the Sports World, Vinicius junior has potential to become Ronaldo’s heir but potential with hard work, dedication and good handling of pressure can really pave the way for him to become Real Madrid’s great.

Real Madrid also carries risk because they paid a whopping amount of 45 Million of the Brazilian and if he fails to perform at a bigger stage that will cost Real Madrid a lot. So, till now Real Madrid have the few good young players in the form of Asensio and Vinicius Junior and it will be exciting how Real Madrid utilizes their talent.

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